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NIH - NIDCD Phase II Funding Awarded!

In August of 2017 Flat Earth was awarded NIH - National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders - Phase II funding to continue our work on the open speech signal processing platform.

Congratulations to Co-PI's Dr Raymond Weber and Dr Ross Snider and the rest of the Flat Earth - NIH team for reaching this well deserved milestone.

We look forward to working with many of you in the Speech and Hearing community.

Abstracted AD1939 Audio Codec as a Intel Qsys Component

We have abstracted the AD1939 audio codec as a Intel Qsys component with streaming stereo sinks and sources.  The Line_In physical audio connection on the audio board that goes the the AD1939 ADC comes out the Line_In streaming source.  In a similar manner the Mic_In physical comes out the Mic_In streaming source.  To send data to the physical Line_Out connection that goes through the AD1939 DAC, we just send streaming data to the Line_Out Qsys sink.
Qsys allows a FPGA designer to connect streaming data paths in the data plane without having to manually create the ne

Fixed-Point Data Type

It turns out that Matlab and the Fixed-Point Toolbox doesn’t support raising a fixed-point data type to a fixed-point power.  Matlab only supports raising a fixed-point data type to an integer power.  Thus I’ve now implemented this in Matlab and also have written Matlab code that will auto-generate this capability as a VHDL function component.