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Doug Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder

Doug has over 22 years of small business ownership in the field of electronic product development in both hardware and software disciplines. Doug understands what it takes to get a project done; and that proper management oversight of a project can make all the difference. For the past decade Doug has focused on the area of commercialization; moving projects from the development phase to product maturation and commercialization. Doug holds a patent in vehicle guidance combining GPS and video, and has received several industry awards. He received degrees from Paul Smith's College, University of Maine, and the University of Calgary. Doug spent five years conducting glacial and ice stream velocity research in Greenland and Antarctica and two years as a research associate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focused on the area of network robustness related to global plate tectonic dynamics. Doug is an avid skier and devoted father of two.

Mike Zambon, CFO and Co-Founder

Mike manages the financial strategy and operations at Flat Earth. Mike is a professional engineer with considerable education and experience in geospatial science, environmental engineering and small business management. Mike provides strong skills in financial management, strategic long-range planning and operations. He is responsible for budgeting and forecasting, and is actively involved in new project opportunities, as well as the analysis and planning for product development. Mike has been involved with the establishment and management of other businesses in Montana and has played an integral role in the operation and steering of companies to produce efficient and profitable organizations.  Mike is a long-time Bozeman resident and an avid year round outdoor enthusiast.   

Ross Snider, Technology Colaborator

Dr. Snider is the Technology Colaborator at Flat Earth and a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Montana State University – Bozeman. Prior to joining the ECE faculty at MSU in 1999, Dr. Snider received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University in 1997 and was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 1999. Dr. Snider’s research activities take on a cross-disciplinary approach where he works on systems that intersect signal processing, computer engineering, and biology. He is interested in creating custom application specific computing systems using FPGAs for DSP related applications.

Will Tidd, Project Manager / Hardware Engineering

Will matriculated at Montana State University for his Bachelor's and Master's degree in electrical engineering in 2004 and 2010, respectively. His focus was high-frequency electronic design coupled with smart antenna beamforming systems. His 13 years of experience ranges in diversity from acoustics and communications systems design, to IoT sub-systems for smart grids, to antenna and hardware design for radar systems. He is a proud member of Tau Beta Pi, The Engineering Honor Society. As a longstanding Bozemanite, he is an avid alpine skier and mountain biker. 

Raymond Weber, Research and Development

Raymond joined FlatEarth in 2014 as a Design Engineer and now heads up our Research and Development group. His interests are focused on signal processing algorithm development and their implementation in digital systems. Raymond received a PhD in Engineering from Montana State University in 2014. His university research was in the areas of adaptive array processing and the design of an FPGA based radiation tolerant spaceflight computer. Raymond is an IEEE member, has numerous publications, and is still active in university research programs.

Justin Hadella, Embedded Software Engineer

Justin is a veteran embedded systems programmer with experience in RTOS and Linux. He especially enjoys low level programming such as communications and device driver development. He is an avid radio control enthusiast from a young age. Justin started at Flat Earth in 2009 and has a B.S. and M.S in Computer and Electrical engineering from Montana State University. Justin was the recipient of several scholarships and a Space Grant Fellowship. Justin also worked for a time at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, CA. Justin is an enthusiastic RC race car competitor.

Connor Dack, Hardware Engineer

Connor recently received his Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering at Montana State University. His areas of research include object detection, real-time computation and precision timing using FPGAs, and parallel data printed circuit board design. For Flat Earth, Connor is a product engineer working on data movement and storage using FPGAs, printed circuit board design, and FPGA-HPS integration. Connor is a collegiate lacrosse player and avid snowboarder. 

Chris Casebeer, FPGA Embedded Engineer

Chris holds degrees from Carroll College and Montana State University in Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. For his Masters degree, Chris helped build and design a primate behavioral tracking system for use by behavioral psychologists. Chris is working towards his doctorate in engineering at Montana State University under guidance of Dr. Ross Snider. Chris is an embedded engineer at Flat Earth, aiding in integration of FPGA systems for speech and hearing. He enjoys hiking, biking, and skiing adventures with his dog around Bozeman.